Jeremy’s dad, Tom, joins the guys to break down the latest Florida news and to do some amazing celebrity impressions. Jeremy gets a tad insensitive speaking in accents while Brent shares his conspiracy theories and KJ the Intern almost has a heart attack. Then the gang agrees to take up a cause: #ForTheDonkey Enjoy… […]

036 | #ForTheDonkey

Jeremy opens up with another one of his ridiculous customer service encounters before getting into the news, which includes the following stories: Banana smearing Cyborg attacks Naked Car Washing Faking Mad Cow Disease Stealing $7 Billion Then the boys answer your questions. Enjoy!… or don’t.

035 | Faking Mad Cow Disease & Smearing Bananas On Cars

KJ joined Brent and Jeremy to record on location at the Twisted Tap in Debary, Florida. There wasn’t a whole lot of structure to the episode, but there were a lot of laughs. Enjoy… or don’t! Also be sure to check out Ex-Debary Mayor Clint Johnson’s new YouTube channel: Mayors Maxims

034 | Paying with Homemade Money & Forgetting Your Teeth (Feat. KJ)

First new show of the new year. KJ the Intern stopped by the sinkhole to talk about our New Year’s Resolutions for the show and of course, weird Florida news. Pitbull’s Visit Florida contract Ohio police officer helps lost old lady get back to Florida Florida man attempts to rob […]

033 | Our New Year’s Resolutions (Feat. KJ)

The guys were joined on the back porch by a mystery guest, as well as Brent’s college roommate and Platinum Swimmer, Brian AKA Beemack. There were some hearty laughs as they joked through the news, played a little game, and talked in-depth about Christmas movies. To contribute to the show, […]

031 | The Best & Most Underrated Christmas Movies (Feat. Beemack)

Loyal listener and Swimmer Joe Horton, M.D. is running the Daytona 100 Ultramarathon this weekend. Brent & Jeremy wish him the best of luck while they share some of their running stories.

SPECIAL EPISODE: Daytona 100 Ultramarathon

After a long holiday hiatus, Brent & Jeremy are back to discuss what they are thankful for, as well as what the State of Florida should be thankful for (Ahem… Tim Tebow). Unfortunately they must make a sad announcement. In the News Florida turtles terrorizing Florida cyclists Florida man uses […]

030 | What Florida Should Be Thankful For

On election night, Brent & Jeremy discuss Florida’s infamous role in the 2000 Presidential Election, lament the start the Orlando Magic have had, share their Cubs World Series story, and cover the Florida news… which includes squirrels attacking senior citizens, throwing glass eyeballs at police, and strip club patrons running […]

029 | Hanging Chads & Recounts: Florida & the 2000 Presidential Election