033 | Our New Year’s Resolutions (Feat. KJ)

First new show of the new year. KJ the Intern stopped by the sinkhole to talk about our New Year’s Resolutions for the show and of course, weird Florida news.

  • Pitbull’s Visit Florida contract
  • Ohio police officer helps lost old lady get back to Florida
  • Florida man attempts to rob a spy shop, gets caught on several surveillance camera
  • Man burns underwear in Florida Starbucks
  • Old man goes on five iron frenzy after winning gift card
  • Florida woman bites and beats new fiancé over engagement ring
  • Woman dresses her pigs like Alabama fans
  • Mary Thorn gets to keep Rambo
  • Man robs gas station with drawn-on beard
  • Pizza bandit caught!
  • Florida man baptizing himself in canal… allegedly

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