Welcome to Florida is Sinking… A native podcast of the strangest state. Recorded weeks ago, this episode ended up in editing purgatory for several reasons (busy with work, technical difficulties, hurricane prep, etc.). Sorry for the delay, but here it is. FloridaIsSinking.com iTunes ☛ apple.co/2chV8ET Stitcher ☛ bit.ly/1T9mEBS Google Play […]

045 | Florida Man Goes on Forklift Rampage

Why do people still drive with their hazards on when it’s raining!?!  We discuss, along with our other pet peeves of life in the Sunstrange State.   Also, RIP Snooty the Manatee. We will get to the bottom of this “accident.”   And does Jeremy look like Teddy Roosevelt?   […]

044 | Pet Peeves About Living in Florida

    Welcome to South Dakota is Sinking… a native podcast of the plainest state. Brent & Jeremy, two lifelong South Dakotans, will be your guide to everything happening in the 40th state today. You may learn a few fun facts along the way, and perhaps even have your question […]

SPECIAL EPISODE: South Dakota is Sinking…

HURRICANE SEASON — Drinking hurricanes and joined by KJ the Intern’s husband, Matt, the guys get right into the Florida news, which includes stealing a $25,000 swan statue (naked, of course), feeding children to snakes, and killing your neighbors lawn. Then they rank the top 3 and bottom 3 hurricane […]

042 | Hurricane Names, Stolen Swan Statues, & Ranking the Group Dance Songs

Brent & Jeremy were joined by Brent’s wife, Jenny, to talk about kissing rattlesnakes, buying underwear at yard sales, cat-eating lizards, and zebras running loose in Florida.  Also, Jeremy finally had the opportunity to prove to us all that gymnastics is as easy as he claims. Enjoy. Or don’t. A special […]

041 | Kissing Snakes, Meth Bras, & Jeremy Goes For Gold (Feat. Jenny)

WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) recently  invaded Central Florida. Jeremy couldn’t care less, so naturally Brent quizzed him about the flagship event.  Also, a Florida man escaped police custody through the bathroom ceiling, while another enjoyed his breakfast in the middle of the street.  And don’t miss the exciting conclusion to #ForTheDonkey. […]

038 | Wrestlemania Comes to Florida (Feat. Huey, Louis, & the News)